Frequently Asked Questions

Fa-Q! I mean, FAQ.

Why not?

But seriously. There are a huge number of them, as you can see by the size of this site, though not all of them are or have been known for what they are to the hentai fanbase. Japan seems to have long held a fascination for games involving stripping, and even though there are many that don't originate from Japan, no other country seems to have the enthusiasm for them that Japan shows. So many have been published in so many forms in Japan that it almost seems like you can't find a game or type of game that some Japanese game company or doujin software circle hasn't incorporated disrobing a girl into. I happen to be a big fan of games like this, but the best and most games in this vein seem to come only from Japan.

Another reason is, games like this get lost in the multitudes of look/think/talk hentai adventures, which seem to be more popular in Japan these days. I have nothing against those games, as some I've found to be quite enjoyable despite not knowing a lick of Japanese myself, but not only are strip-the-girl games easier to get into and understand, I generally like them more.

I (the Webmaster) have some favorites, and some that I'm definitely not fond of. Across the board, some of our favorites include the Animahjong series, the Super Real Mahjong series, and a few of my top picks at DLSite English.

Yakyuken literally means "baseball fist", and is another name for Jankenpon or Rock-scissors-paper based on the chant that is sometimes sung in Japanese matches where clothing loss is involved, although sometimes the game is simply referred to as Janken. The name "Yakyuken" is taken from the chant, in that the Japanese word for Baseball is "Yakyuu". The chant, whose lyrics are (as near as I can figure it):

Yakyuu suru nara
Kouiu guai ni shiyashanse
Nagetara, kou utte
Uttanara, kou ukete
Rannaa ni nattara
Aauto! Seifu!

loosely translated, means, "If you play baseball, it should be played like this. Throw like this, it's a strike! If it's hit, catch like this! When you're the runner, hustle! Hustle! Out! Safe! Yo-yoi-no-yoi!"*. Only a few yakyuken games I've found actually use this chant in whole or part, but in sessions outside computer games in Japan it seems to be used commonly along with a dance, as pictured in The Yakyuken Special.

* - I realize this is probably not even close.

Acceptable content is basically any Japanese game where the progressive or total removal of a character's clothing is featured as a reward or penalty, or both. I realize this is broad and open to interpretation, so here I will outline what makes a game that generally doesn't make it to the site. (There are exceptions, of course.)

Non-adult games

This should go without saying, but I'd rather not deal with the occasional smartass who wants to know why Ghosts n' Goblins isn't featured here.

Adventure games, Dating sims, and the like.

We realize that, yes, the games do often reward you with hentai scenes if you're patient enough, but these games have a bit less to do with the removal of a girl's clothing and more to do with interacting with characters and the environment, with the goal (if there is one) either impressing the girl enough to make her want to date you or sleep with you. Some games in this vein aren't even very interactive and are instead the equivalent of popping in a porn DVD and hitting Play, therefore we don't exactly consider them games. If however there is a mini-game included where girls progressively lose clothing as you win (or lose), we might consider it, though the mini-game would of course receive more site coverage.

Games from countries outside Japan and China

We have nothing against the multitude of strip poker games found elsewhere, but the focus of this site is on Japanese strip games. While on occasion an export version of a game originating in Japan is the easiest thing to find, we try instead to focus on the original. I can name a few good examples that fall under here, of course, but let's not get off the subject. Some games here may have originated outside Japan and were licensed by local Japanese companies; those are taken on a case-by-case basis.

ROM hacks

No, we're not interested in the fact that this game is altered to make Barbie the Barbarian run around naked. English translations of the game are acceptable, however, as they often help non-Japanese speakers like us understand what's going on if there's anything besides clothes coming off.

KiSS Dolls or other Kisekae

Paper dolls aren't strip games; they're toys you dress up. I do realize that with the proper coding, a KiSS doll can actually become a game, but the majority of KiSS dolls are made by people in other countries as tributes to anime characters or characters from other shows or fiction. Show me a KiSS doll that was made in Japan and is an actual game rather than simply a doll to dress up, and perhaps it could be included. I mean, we've found Flash and Java games from Japan that were approvable...

Regarding games with sexual content (i.e. you win, you sleep with the girl etc.):

Honestly, this is a judgment call. If we think there is a significant amount of clothing removal in the game before the sex happens, we'll include it, but if one win gets you a sex scene, it isn't likely. Bear in mind that this archive only covers a niche in Japanese adult games; there are plenty of other types out there, and just because a game doesn't make it to the list doesn't mean it's not a good game.

It is likely for the same reason that certain parts of the body are mosaiced or censored in some way in other adult games, anime, or manga: an interpretation of Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan. Since arcade games are seen in more public places than console or computer games, the game's producers may have decided to play it safe and only show the torso area. The extent of the law is still in debate to this day, however, hence the reason there are so many interpretations of it and therefore so many degrees of censorship.

Yep, they did, or in most cases were the producer or licensor. While in other countries they might be known for more conventional games, many of the game companies we know of have at least one or two adult games in their history, and in some cases began with making adult games.

There are plenty of sites out there that explain various interpretations of the rules of mahjongg, but the site I found that explains the system of rules used in most of the mahjongg and hanafuda games listed here is Mahjong in Mame. None of us are experts on Go or Shogi (I don't understand them at all), so you're better off googling them than asking us. Most card games can be picked up on in a few hands, such as Dai Hinmin, which is known as "Asshole" in America and is usually more of a drinking game, but if you're really hurting you could try looking up the game at Hoyle's website.

Strip Poker for Windows wasn't created in Japan. We're aware of its existence, but this site is focused only on games originating out of Japan. Valkyrie Hentai Anime Poker was however created by JAST (as the page for it states, its original title was JAST Poker) and translated by JAST USA for the stateside release. JAST USA has a history of changing a few titles in their USA releases, e.g. "Knights of Xentar" from Dragon Knight 3.

Go ahead. ^_^ However, do let me know where you've linked it as we might want to check out your site too.

Yes, yes, I'm aware. However, for starters, like many words in the Japanese language, "nugu" has various meanings, such as to leave a group, and second, "sutorippu" seems to get the point across a lot more easily. Given the context of the site, what else could it mean?

One of two reasons. Either we haven't gotten around to listing it, or we actually haven't heard of the game. We don't generally pick which games to list per update by how well known they are; our selection process is much more random.

The titles are a bit different than the way DLsite's English site lists them. This is because they like to "translate" the title instead of presenting it in Romaji the way we do, so there will be a difference. We can't change the way they do things over there since it's none of our business, but we have reviewed a lot of games there that also get a mention on this site, and provide links directly to the game featured on DLsite in our reviews. If you're interested in the game, we'd like to encourage you to buy it!

It's supposed to say "datsui geimu no deitabeisu". Roughly translated, "strip game database". It's probably not wholly correct, but maybe our Japanese visitors will laugh at our lack of skill at the language if that's the case. Hell, we find Engrish amusing.

I never claimed to be 100% fluent in Japanese. As well, sometimes I'm pounding these brief reviews out at late, post-work hours. I try to make corrections where I can, but if I mess up on DLsite, I can at least get the title right here. ^_^;