Mahou no Janshi Poe Poe Poemi

Mahou no Janshi Poe Poe Poemi
Platform: Saturn
Publisher: Imagineer
Game: Mahjongg
Difficulty: 2
Nudity: 1

This definitely qualifies as a quirky and odd one. It's a kind of thematic parody of magical girl themes using mahjongg with slightly ecchi overtones. You, Poemi, and your giant bird familiar have set out to stop the invasion of an evil group of girls who threaten the world, as the story is narrated by a troubador-type character who belongs in the world of Yu-gi-oh by the looks of him. Poemi battles the villainous girls in mahjongg matches, with srticles of clothing and upskirt shots being the penalty for the losing character if one claims a round with a mahjongg. Strip scenes are animated, but mostly involve clothes magically disappearing and only progress so far as skimpy bikinis, and the large green bird appears to eat the souls of defeated villains.

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