I know of a game that isn't listed here, but I'm not sure if it fits the site. What guidelines do you use to list games?

Acceptable content is basically any Japanese game where the progressive or total removal of a character's clothing is featured as a reward or penalty, or both. I realize this is broad and open to interpretation, so here I will outline what makes a game that generally doesn't make it to the site. (There are exceptions, of course.)

Non-adult games

This should go without saying, but I'd rather not deal with the occasional smartass who wants to know why Ghosts n' Goblins isn't featured here.

Adventure games, Dating sims, and the like.

We realize that, yes, the games do often reward you with hentai scenes if you're patient enough, but these games have a bit less to do with the removal of a girl's clothing and more to do with interacting with characters and the environment, with the goal (if there is one) either impressing the girl enough to make her want to date you or sleep with you. Some games in this vein aren't even very interactive and are instead the equivalent of popping in a porn DVD and hitting Play, therefore we don't exactly consider them games. If however there is a mini-game included where girls progressively lose clothing as you win (or lose), we might consider it, though the mini-game would of course receive more site coverage.

Games from countries outside Japan and China

We have nothing against the multitude of strip poker games found elsewhere, but the focus of this site is on Japanese strip games. While on occasion an export version of a game originating in Japan is the easiest thing to find, we try instead to focus on the original. I can name a few good examples that fall under here, of course, but let's not get off the subject. Some games here may have originated outside Japan and were licensed by local Japanese companies; those are taken on a case-by-case basis.

ROM hacks

No, we're not interested in the fact that this game is altered to make Barbie the Barbarian run around naked. English translations of the game are acceptable, however, as they often help non-Japanese speakers like us understand what's going on if there's anything besides clothes coming off.

KiSS Dolls or other Kisekae

Paper dolls aren't strip games; they're toys you dress up. I do realize that with the proper coding, a KiSS doll can actually become a game, but the majority of KiSS dolls are made by people in other countries as tributes to anime characters or characters from other shows or fiction. Show me a KiSS doll that was made in Japan and is an actual game rather than simply a doll to dress up, and perhaps it could be included. I mean, we've found Flash and Java games from Japan that were approvable...

Regarding games with sexual content (i.e. you win, you sleep with the girl etc.):

Honestly, this is a judgment call. If we think there is a significant amount of clothing removal in the game before the sex happens, we'll include it, but if one win gets you a sex scene, it isn't likely. Bear in mind that this archive only covers a niche in Japanese adult games; there are plenty of other types out there, and just because a game doesn't make it to the list doesn't mean it's not a good game.