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By proceeding to the download link, you are agreeing to the following policy regarding the downloads we offer.

All of these files are presented "as is", with no warranty or guaranteed support in the event of faulty software or incompatibility, at no cost to the user. By using these links and downloading the games, you are helping to support the site.

Each download has been distributed either by the developer as freeware or shareware to at least one third party representative without exclusive distribution rights, or as "abandonware" by at least one reputable distributor, and its free distribution is protected by all applicable laws, including but not limited to Fair Use. Each game is otherwise the copyright of its respective owners and developers. All archives have been scanned for viruses, Trojans and other malware and are found to be free of any malicious software or code at the time of their upload. The archives will be removed only given the following conditions:

1) In the event that the original author asks them to be removed (proof of ownership will be required),
2) The archive is found to be corrupted, contain malware or other malicious code, or otherwise faulty, in which case it will be replaced,
3) The game in question becomes available for sale at DLSite, or otherwise distributed by a legal representative of the developer for a fee,
4) At the discretion of the webmaster of Sutorippu! and its team.

By clicking the download links, you agree to any imposed waiting periods regarding maximum file transfer rate, number of downloads per user, and any other limits imposed by the hosting site, and are aware that Sutorippu! is not responsible for these limits. As well, you are agreeing that you are of the proper age to view adult material in your country. We are not responsible for these limits nor of the content of the games, nor are we to be held liable for any consequences of using the downloaded software. Sutorippu! does not offer support, technical or otherwise, for any of these games.

Sutorippu! will not be offering any games currently available for purchase on DLSite as downloadable content from this site. If you are interested in a game featured here that is for sale on DLSite, we would like to instead encourage you to buy the game. Links will be provided directly to the game's respective pages on DLSite.

This policy is subject to change at the sole discretion of the webmaster of Sutorippu!. Any concerns or questions should be directed to us via the contact page.

Note: Most if not all of these games are in Japanese. This means, you need at least a rudimentary understanding of the language in order to play them. As well, all of the games we offer require a PC with at least Windows XP Service Pack 2; we cannot guarantee compatibility for running under Windows Vista or 7 as nobody on our team uses these operating systems.

You will need WinRAR or any extracting tool capable of processing .rar files to extract the files from the archives.

In order to run these games, you may need to use the program Microsoft AppLocale, or change the regional settings of your system to Japanese and install the proper libraries. To install AppLocale, follow this link:

and follow the instructions. When you've installed it, run AppLocale and use it to locate and run the game you wish to play.

To change your regional settings to Japanese, go to Settings -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Settings, and open it. Click the Advanced tab, and under "Language for non-Unicode programs", select Japanese from the drop-down list. Click OK. You may need to have your operating system's install disc ready to install the proper libraries and restart before the settings take effect.

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