3-year Anniversary

Sutorippu!'s 3-year Anniversary Special!

Sutorippu! has been on the web for 3 years now. It's grown, and continues to grow, introducing hentai game fans old and new to the joys of datsui-geimu. Our site team has fluctuated in size, but our fanbase continues to grow. As the Webmaster of this site, I can say I'm proud that we've achieved what we have so far, but our work is far from done. In fact, it never will be done.

As a tribute to this occasion, here are some artwork samples sent in by our friends whose artistic talents none of us can hope to match.

Limone Ren: 3-year Anniversary artwork

Limone Ren, moe artist and owner of Lemon Biscuit, drew and designed this graphic for us. He has also done a few variations that can be used as desktop backgrounds! (Each link opens in a new tab/window.)


But wait, there's more! Hihiru, NamakemonoX and Kiyora Kana of CFNM doujin group Fetish★Fairy and CFNM Bravo have collaborated on this image to commemorate 3 years of Sutorippu! as well! Click the icon to look and see.

Fetish★Fairy: 3-year Anniversary artwork

Special thanks to all the artists who contributed to this celebration! We hope to keep Sutorippu! running for many more years.