Welcome to Sutorippu!, a growing informational archive devoted only to one subject: Japanese video games whose rewards or penalties involve the progressive or total loss of clothing. No other country in the world seems to enjoy these more than Japan, as clothes-penalty games can be found on numerous consoles and see many incarnations in the form of arcade games. We will be attempting to update the site at least once or twice a month with new info and images from games we've found in this vein.

Games will be categorized according to game type, console, title, publisher, nudity, and difficulty. Some games may have content that's a little off the beaten path for some audiences, so they will be marked with "Caveats" to warn the casual viewer of their content. Note that some games may be cross-platform; they will be listed under each platform that we've found them to appear on, and we'll eventually list the screenshots from different systems. Really.

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Latest news

10/31/15 We hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween, or Samhain if you prefer. I'd like to personally apologize for a lack of update this month. The system that we play these games on primarily decided to have a motherboard failure last month, and I've been having bad luck repairing it since then given faulty parts and fatigue. We expect to have it fixed by midweek, in which I plan more videos, a full review, and yes, more games to list.

9/1/15 Have some new videos! Featuring the freshly-restored Chi's Sweet Home video after a victory for Fair Use.

Sutorippu! Peeks At Shabon-dama Tonda?!
Quickstrip: Aisha's Poker
Chi's Sweet Home in 5 Seconds
What's Coming Off - Episode 6: UFO

8/31/15 Three games. I will follow this update tomorrow with a few new videos. ^_^

Girls, Be Monster!*
Heavens School
Little Witch Dream*

* - Available from DLsite English.

7/30/15 Four games. I had a new 5-second video, but it was taken down due to DMCA abuse. I may have a video explaining the situation and future plans for the channel in a day or two. The next WCO is also in the works, but I have also chosen to begin a new series, Quickstrip, which is a quick review series of doujin games that may or may not be from Japan but are clearly eroge-inspired, or games that I just want to talk about briefly.

Gogo Daifugo RX*
Jan Gyakku Trilogy
Millie-san wo Ijiru


* - Available from DLsite English.

6/8/15 Lots of stuff in this update. First, five new games! Second, a commission of Nugi-chan drawn for us by Morgan Meryl! Third, a new 5 second video, Shokugeki no Souma!

New games:

Angel's Kiss
BB Orange
Caprice Doll
Datsui de Pon
Datsui Koro Koro

5/12/15 Episode 5 of What's Coming Off has been posted!

What's Coming Off - Episode 5: Kung Fu Mistresses

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