Welcome to Sutorippu!, a growing informational archive devoted only to one subject: Japanese video games whose rewards or penalties involve the progressive or total loss of clothing. No other country in the world seems to enjoy these more than Japan, as clothes-penalty games can be found on numerous consoles and see many incarnations in the form of arcade games. We will be attempting to update the site at least once or twice a month with new info and images from games we've found in this vein.

Games will be categorized according to game type, console, title, publisher, nudity, and difficulty. Some games may have content that's a little off the beaten path for some audiences, so they will be marked with "Caveats" to warn the casual viewer of their content. Note that some games may be cross-platform; they will be listed under each platform that we've found them to appear on, and we'll eventually list the screenshots from different systems. Really.

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Latest news

8/28/14 (Sutorippu) Our second update for the month, including 4 games available from DLsite as well as a special video I made celebrating having reached 69 subscribers on our Youtube channel! I've also thrown in another spare video, because what the hell.

New games:

Kyonyuu Fighter Sakura*
Sneak In Destroy*
Tanoshii Yakyuken Vs. Miko*


69 Subscribers - Emi Clock
Demon Fighter Kocho in 5 Seconds

* - Available from DLsite English.

8/03/14 (Sutorippu) Summer is a fairly busy time for me now, especially since the size of our site team has dwindled over the years. However, since we've still got plenty of games to cover, here are three from a couple of platforms who haven't seen a lot of love lately. I'll follow this update with another later in the month. 3 new games.

Mahjong Waku Waku Catcher
Mandarake Ichizoku
Queen of Fighters

6/19/14 (Sutorippu) Many apologies and boob-shaped puddings for the lateness of this update. Lately there have been many severe storms in our area that force us to remain offline, and I have also been recovering from being sick. I am at the moment working on the third episode of What's Coming Off, and have other videos and collaborations in the works. But let's get to the real reason you came here! 5 new games.

Dragon Explorer*
Manjyuverunu no Sen Otome*
Mappa Fighter Choko*
Monster Apartment*
Pretty Mahjong Soldier Mu

EDIT: And one more because I forgot this one in the list. ^_^;

Shouma no Meikyuu*

* - Available from DLsite English.

5/19/14 (Sutorippu) A quick update to present a few obscure doujin games, one of which had been on our Wanted list for a while. Special thanks go to Peter J. and Bonifaz for providing these.

Ah! Soukai 2
Shuwa Gambling Poker

4/27/14 (Sutorippu) Just a quick one I'm glad to be done with. This one just squicks me, so it's only a screenshot of the title screen. Sorry, folks.

Yie Ar Rape-fu

4/26/14 (Sutorippu) Two games is all I can manage as it has been a busy couple of days.

Aimi to San Tsu no Fushigi na Shima
Ghost House Gunsweeper*

* - Available from DLsite English.

4/24/14 (Sutorippu) Three more games as we attempt to catch up on lost time!

Dungeon and Spy
Guild Meister
Watashi no Sentakushi ga, Zenryoku de Bouken o Jamashiteiru

All games in this update are available from DLsite English.

4/23/14 (Sutorippu) We'll be updating as often as I can manage it this week to clear some backlog. Check the frontpage for new updates all week. ^_^b

New games:

Elf to Midarakatajikena no Mori*
Okasare Hazard

* - Available from DLsite English.

4/14/14 (Sutorippu) A quick update to inform our viewers that a week ago I posted Episode 2 of Nugase! Anime. Check it out!

Nugase! Anime Episode 2 - Variable Geo

3/24/14 (Sutorippu) It seems our Download section will need a new host, as Hotfile has gone offline. We'll be looking for a new place to host them.

3/5/14 (Sutorippu) Check out the newest episode of What's Coming Off! In this episode I talk about three doujin shooting games.

What's Coming Off - Episode 2: Shooting Games.

2/25/14 (Sutorippu) Update 3 of 3. Now I'm taking a break before writing another script. 3 new games.

Kuran-hime no Cosplay RPG
Ryugon Quest
Shingeki Harem Land

All games in this update are available from DLsite English.

2/23/14 (Sutorippu) This update was supposed to happen last night, but it didn't. Three new games.

Holy Legend
Magical Witch
Ohkoku Meikyuu no Kiyoshi Yoroi Kishi

All games in this update are available from DLsite English.

2/22/14 (Sutorippu) - It's National Cat Day in Japan, though it's merely by coincidence that one of the games in this update features cats. This will actually be one of three updates this weekend in order to check off several RPGs in our backlog. Enjoy and stay tuned! Three new games.

Dragon Slave
Sacred Eyes
Yayoi to Neko no Little War

All games in this update are available from DLsite English.

2/10/14 (Sutorippu) - Next week will see a huge update to the site, but here's a little teaser to get everyone ready as well as a few announcements. First, my new anime review show, Nugase! Anime, has made its debut on Youtube! Check it out here, or on Youtube!

Second, we'd like to feature another FREE game from the circle Nyaatrap, Star Maiden Astraea Rio. A link to where you can download the game, if you're interested, is provided in the entry below.

Star Maiden Astraea Rio

Stay tuned next week, because this update will be rather large. And tiring.

1/26/14 (Sutorippu) - It's with a great sadness that I must announce the passing of the site's biggest fan and one of my friends and favorite online entertainers. Justin Carmical, a.k.a. JewWario, host of You Can Play This, succumbed to depression and committed suicide this past week. He was one of our biggest supporters and influences, and his presence will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends, family, former co-workers, and anyone and everyone whose lives he enriched through his creations and his personality.

1/9/14 (Sutorippu) - A new year, new inspiration, new opportunities, and six new games. One of these games, Koi Hana, is available free of charge from the developer, and one game allows us to dust off that Chinese Games list... sort of.

I will be spending lots of time this year developing an anime review show. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and watch for further updates, as well as whatever else I feel like posting.

Card de Datsui Game*
Domino Block
Koi Hana
Mahjong Uchuu Yori Ai wo Komete
Strip Battle Days

* - Available from DLsite English.

12/9/13 (Sutorippu) - For some reason, there was a game I forgot to upload info about in a previous update. I decided to go ahead and cover two more games to make it an official site update. Three new games.

Inran Yuusha Selphy no RPG - Sekai wo Sukuu Ecchi na Boken?!
Monster Island

All games in this update are available from DLsite English.

12/1/13 (Sutorippu) - Pardon our progress, as this update will come in increments. For the first installment, we have a few games, and a video I recently made of my first segment on Japanese radio. Yes, they'll let anyone on the radio these days.

What's Coming Off - Episode 1: studioRAY

New games part 1:

Anise no Bouken
Flying Maid-san
Nina no Cosplay Baishun Quest

Part 2:

Riesz no Bouken
Rika to Crystal Tower
Little Brave, The - Boku, Yuusha ni Nanka Naritakunai
Vita Dai Datsugoku
Wonder Treasure

All games in this update are available from DLsite English.

11/24/13 (Sutorippu) - It's time for update one of two for this weekend, because we've got lots of backlog to take care of. Five new games.

Mama Mahjong
Trampoline de Panchira Game*
Uha Uha 2
Variable Chaser Galchase*
Zenkai Denshoku

10/28/13 (Sutorippu) - We must once again apologize for being far behind schedule with this update, and can only blame complications in the physical world that have nothing to do with storms. However, we aim to make up for lost time with a second update later in the week, so, stay tuned. In the meantime, here's the update that was intended for last month. Four new games.

Otenba Jushi Eliel no Bouken*
Pachinko Tenshi

* - Available from DLsite English.

8/29/13 (Sutorippu) - Once again, non-stop storms put us wayyyy behind schedule, but hopefully the end of Summer will mean the end of environmental setbacks. This week, we have three games sent to us by anonymous contributors, whom we would like to thank for their support; one viewer sent us the Itadaki Jangarian games last year, and only last night, another viewer sent us a game from our Wanted Games list: The Geisha Game. Seven new games.

Geisha Game, The
Himitsu no Yakyuken*
Itadaki Jangarian
Itadaki Jangarian Chokotto Adventure
Pai Pai Paradise
Tomo-chan Ganbaru

* - Available from DLsite English.

7/28/13 (Sutorippu) - Another update delayed by environmental circumstances, but we have at least included a couple of PC-98 games and an X68000 game, both of which we haven't seemed to have done in a while. Four new games.

Bomb Girl*
Mahjong Elegance
Mahjong Yuenchi

* - Available from DLsite English.

6/27/13 (Sutorippu) - A little late, but we're finally updating! Four new games.

Datsui Pachisuro
LAB - Still Alive
OrgaFighter - Ero Flash Action Game
RPG wo Asonde Onnanoko o Nugasou!

All of these games are available from DLsite English.

6/12/13 (Sutorippu) - We realize there hasn't been an update in almost two months. There were issues and problems and trials and all kinds of idiocy that kept us from getting anything done. Within the next week I aim to at least have a game update done before resuming work on videos. We apologize to anyone who has been waiting with bated breath for our next update; it will come soon. (That's what she said.)

4/15/13 (Sutorippu) - With the Yakyuken video done, I'm now going to devote a week to clearing out some of our backlog of game listings. Check back for future updates, and don't forget to check out the video!

My Ball Star Lemon*
Neko Mahjong

Added 4/16/03:

Cosplay! Yakyuken*
Knuckle Pine Super*
Zecchou Seichou! Mahou Shoujo Haruka*

Added 4/20/03

Bakuchichi Cheer Musume, Kankin! Dasshutsu?! Muchimuchi Yakyuken*
Majuu no Shiro*

* - Available from DLsite English!

4/13/13 (Sutorippu) - The new video review, entitled "Sutorippu! Reviews - Yakyuken!" was published to Youtube! Check it out! We will be working on a proper site update with a few game listings this week.

Sutorippu! Reviews - Yakyuken!

3/9/13 (Sutorippu) - Just a quick status update. I recently guest-hosted on the podcast "DnA News" with Andrew Benge, aka godof2ndchances. Come hear me make a fool of myself! While you're at it, check out the rest of his show.

DnA News, Episode 9: Porky Pig and Power Wheels

We may update later in the month with a few games, but much of my creative focus this month is going toward a new, multi-game review video. Stay tuned for further updates!

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