Welcome to Sutorippu!, a growing informational archive devoted only to one subject: Japanese video games whose rewards or penalties involve the progressive or total loss of clothing. No other country in the world seems to enjoy these more than Japan, as clothes-penalty games can be found on numerous consoles and see many incarnations in the form of arcade games. We will be attempting to update the site at least once or twice a month with new info and images from games we've found in this vein.

Games will be categorized according to game type, console, title, publisher, nudity, and difficulty. Some games may have content that's a little off the beaten path for some audiences, so they will be marked with "Caveats" to warn the casual viewer of their content. Note that some games may be cross-platform; they will be listed under each platform that we've found them to appear on, and we'll eventually list the screenshots from different systems. Really.

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Latest news

4/21/15 A bit delayed due to a week-long mess of storms in our area, but we've finally come to roll out a few boobie game screenshots for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, there may be some changes to the navigation links while I try to consolidate them down to a less clunky listing.

New games:

Animasu no Shinkei Suijakusuka?*
Mahjong Kyou Jidai (Arcade)
Sasami no Tenchi Dasshu Daisakusen
To-Love Ru Shooting*
Yuusha Hinako no Fushigi na Dungeon*

* - Available from DLsite English.

4/17/15 As you can see, the site's look has changed a bit. Please note that this look is going to change a bit more. In the meantime, if you're wondering who that cute girl you're seeing in various states of undress happens to be, please say hello to our site's new mascot: Nugi-chan!

4/13/15 I'm finally back among the living, but am just here to make an announcement that the site's look will change a bit sometime tomorrow afternoon, followed by a posting of a few games. In the meantime, here's the latest two episodes of Nugase! Anime.

Nugase! Anime - Episode 1337: Megami Paradise
Nugase! Anime - Episode 4: Idol Fighter Suchie-Pai

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