Welcome to Sutorippu!, a growing informational archive devoted only to one subject: Japanese video games whose rewards or penalties involve the progressive or total loss of clothing. No other country in the world seems to enjoy these more than Japan, as clothes-penalty games can be found on numerous consoles and see many incarnations in the form of arcade games. We will be attempting to update the site at least once or twice a month with new info and images from games we've found in this vein.

Games will be categorized according to game type, console, title, publisher, nudity, and difficulty. Some games may have content that's a little off the beaten path for some audiences, so they will be marked with "Caveats" to warn the casual viewer of their content. Note that some games may be cross-platform; they will be listed under each platform that we've found them to appear on, and we'll eventually list the screenshots from different systems. Really.

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Latest news

3/3/15 (Sutorippu) As you can probably tell, the new Nugase isn't done. This is because the computer I use to edit video and play games died as of a couple weeks ago and I've been unable to do anything while I wait for parts. As a result, I'm way behind schedule. But, I'm still alive, and hopefully once the new parts arrive, I'll be able to get back on task.

2/16/15 (Sutorippu) A few announcements, and five new games. First, the new episode of Nugase! Anime has been delayed due to technical and personal difficulties, but I aim to be done with it by the end of the month. Second, a re-theming of the site as well as a new mascot are underway for us, which we are hoping to debut within the next few months.

New games:

Elf no Joukishi Giselle*
Mahjong Nanpa Story
Pokapoka Poker
See Through

* - Available from DLsite English.

1/5/15 (Sutorippu) A new year, a new start, and six new games. After this update, we're going to finally take down the Downloads section and work on a new Ethics/Privacy policy for the site, after which I'm going to pour my focus into the next episode of Nugase! Anime.

Aya Shyuu*
Demon's Sperm
Long Night
My Lover*
Panchira Town DX*

* - Available from DLsite English.

11/24/14 (Sutorippu) Four new games, to show some love to the X68k and PC-98 sections that haven't been touched in a while.

Codename wa Sailor Q
Half Pipe
Shinkei Suijaku Pro 68k
Super Meiko Ponjan

11/20/14 (Sutorippu) Posted a new video, Fairy Tail in 5 Seconds. Totally not stalling until I can do the next proper site update. Honest.

11/16/14 (Sutorippu) Episode 4 of What's Coming Off has been posted!

11/8/14 (Sutorippu) I've made a special announcement about the future of our video channel content.

10/28/14 (Sutorippu) Since I'll be busy this week doing three parts of a Let's Play for Halloween, we've only got time for a quick update this time around. 3 new games, with a special bonus video by the Evil Genius of Weird Video Games.

The Queen of Duellist
The Queen of Duellist Gaiden
Mahjong The Lady Hunter

10/13/14 (Sutorippu) Episode 3 of Nugase! Anime has been uploaded to Youtube! Check it out here, or watch it on Youtube.

9/28/14 (Sutorippu) So, recently I collaborated with Voicefan of Voice Temptation on a project for Hihiru of Fetish Fairy. Together, we translated Hihiru's kamishibai-style CFNM story, "Chijo Gakuen - Classroom Extremes" for English speaking audiences! The translated version was released in May of this year on DLsite English, and we'd like to encourage our visitors who are interested in CFNM, M-situation and femdom stories to support Hihiru and her ongoing projects to check it out.

I Love D**k!! Chijo Gakuen - classroom extremes

We recommend you create a DLsite English account before purchasing this story, if you don't already have one.

Yes, I'm aware that this has nothing to do with strip games, naked girls, or the like. However, if you buy this version, you'll not only be supporting Hihiru-san, but you'll also be helping Voicefan in his endeavors, as well as Sutorippu!'s continued efforts to showcase Japanese strip games from doujin and licensed companies alike.

9/21/14 (Sutorippu) A nice long, thick, meaty update for you this month, because I'm now going to focus on the overdue 3rd episode of Nugase! Anime. Also featured in this update is episode 3 of What's Coming Off, which took a long time to put together due to many, MANY technical difficulties.

Seven new games:

Fightdoll Vibration*
Ike! Aileen Kaizokudan*
Kunoichi ga Gotoku - Nugase! Kyonyuu Ninjas
Otogizoushi Urashima Mahjong
Sekupan - Sex Ahhn Panzer*


What's Coming Off - Episode 3: Kunoichi ga Gotoku

* - Available from DLsite English.

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